Kendall Taylor

Kendall started her career wanting to be a voice talent for cartoons!  After attending Ohio State (she says you shouldn’t hold that against her) and the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, she took her first radio gig back in 2001.  She says she loves the career choice she made and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Kendall got married in 2018 to her beau of 10 years.  They spent many months planning their dream wedding, which happened at Secrets Maroma Beach in Mexico.  Kendal says she can’t wait to go back for an anniversary, but would love to travel to many other places too, including Hawaii, Tuscany, Paris, and Greece!

Other interests include cooking, grilling, camping, game nights, golfing, gardening, (she says she love plants but kills them), crafty stuff, home improvement projects, and entertaining in their new home.

Along with her husband, Kendall shares life with her two crazy-cute boy toy poodles.  She says she loves talking to them in those wacky cartoon voices that started her out all those years ago.