Rock, Reflection, and Leather Pants: Lenny Kravitz on New Sounds, Old Friends, and Fashion Statements

Photo: Roxie Records

DETROIT, May 3, 2024 ~ Legendary music superstar Lenny Kravits joined “Blaine and Lauren” Friday for a preview of his 12th studio album, “Blue Electric Light.”

Listen in below as Lenny offers the backstory on how the pandemic inspired the album’s first single, “Human,” which melds introspection on the human experience with his signature mix of rock and soulful energy.

Lenny also shares the emotional story behind the honor of receiving a Hollywood Walk of Fame star, plus gives glimpses into his recent encounters with celebrities, his potential biopic, his upcoming world tour, and a bit of what’s behind his iconic fashion sense, including those legendary sunglasses and leather pants.

Catch the interview here!


May 3, 2024 ~ Music superstar Lenny Kravitz joins “Blaine and Lauren” to offer a preview of his new album, “Blue Electric Light,” plus talks about happenings in his life, including the recent honor of receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  


Lenny Kravits‘ new single, “Human,” is part of his 12th studio album, “Blue Electric Light,” which hits stores and digital retailers on May 24.