Karen Newman Seems to Have Disappeared from Red Wings Games

Photo: Raj Mehta / USA Today

DETROIT, October 25, 2022 ~ After 30 years of singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before Detroit hockey games, it appears that the Red Wings organization has decided to quietly part ways with Karen Newman.

According to Newman, she received a call just days before last season’s opener and was informed her role was being reduced from 41 home games to just four. This year, she hasn’t heard from the team at all.

I always knew the day would come when I wouldn’t get the call, I mean that’s just the reality, you know?” said Karen Newman on “The Mitch Albom Show.” “I feel bad, because the story that is out there isn’t exactly the right story. There’s no hard feelings, there is no bitterness on my part, I don’t feel like I got jilted.“

Some however believe the Red Wings should hold a final night with Karen thanking her for her 30 years of service to the famed Original Six hockey team, and the City of Detroit.

Growing up in Rochester, Karen attracted enough attention singing the national anthem at a tennis tournament, which led to getting some vocal spots before Detroit Pistons games. Her performances at the Palace of Auburn Hills then opened the door for an exclusive deal in 1990 with the Red Wings, with the contract ensuring that home games at Joe Louis Arena were the only sporting events where she would sing the anthem.

Even without her pre-game gig, Karen is keeping busy. She is currently preparing for a Christmas-themed show at Warren’s Andiamo Celebrity Showroom on December 11, and has a holiday special airing on Christmas Day on Channel 7, featuring her new track, “Motor City Christmas.”