These Local Authors Wrote A Children’s Book For Adults….Then This Happened When A 6 Year Old Read It!!

Michigan natives Carla Butwin and Josh Cassidy wrote a book intended for adults which has now gained plenty of viral attention, after it fell into the hands of a child. Tiffany’s oldest daughter Emmersyn, is 6, and she is already “an avid reader.” 

So of course, Tiffany’s mom is always keeping an eye out for books for her granddaughter. About three weeks ago, Tiffany said her mom was shopping in Barnes & Noble and spotted a book called “If Animals Could Talk.”  

At first glance, the book looked perfect for little Emmersyn. How sweet! Tiffany’s mom decided to buy it. She gave it to Tiffany, and, recently, Emmersyn sat down to read it aloud with her dad. The first page talked about how gorillas like bananas. Everything seemed fine. But then they turned the page, and Emmersyn tried to sound out…this.

Tiffany decided to share her mom’s mishap on Facebook and Twitter. People couldn’t handle the adorable mistake.

Carla and Josh are both having a good laugh over the book’s popularity and rise to viral fame!!!