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Monday, July 22nd

The crew talks about how Lauren has food aversions from being pregnant. They talk to callers about their experience with food/food aversions while pregnant. 

Deal Breakers

On today’s Deal Breakers, Heather lives with her boyfriend Tim who she claims is a slob and she’s tired of it. Heather recently came home to mud all in her house and her new white towels ruined after Tim tried to “clean” it up. Everything takes a twist once Blaine, Lauren, and Matt call him. Will this end as a Deal Breaker?


Phone Jibba

Rick is back and this time he is here to help you fix your phone. You don’t want to miss this hilarious segment!


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Tuesday, July 23rd

Thousand Dollar Minute

At 6:05, 8:05 and 9:05 answer 10 questions right in 60 seconds you could win $1,000!!

Deal Breakers

Join us at 6:30 & 8:15 to listen to the latest Deal Breakers.

You Can’t Win

Every weekday at 9:40 we play You Can’t WinGet these 5 extremely difficult questions right and you’ll win $1,000!!

Blaine’s Brain Buster

Q – 34% of us has had something stolen from where?

A – Front Porch

Almost 9 O’clock Riddle

Q – I am born of water, but when I return to water I die. What am I?

A – Ice

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