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Monday, June 17th

Andy is filling in for Matt and the crew talks about how they each celebrated Father’s Day and the TV Blaine got.

Deal Breakers

On today’s Deal Breakers, Steve has become self conscious and taken issue with his girlfriend Amber who is always scrolling through pictures of male models on Instagram and liking and commenting–one in particular named Alex. Will this be a Deal Breaker?

Phone Jibba

Rick calls a pizza place in an attempt to convince the manager that he has been hired to cut the ribbon at their grand opening and will require some special treatment… like free pizza.

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Tuesday, June 18th

Thousand Dollar Minute

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You Can’t Win

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Blaine’s Brain Buster

Q – Women get 12% angrier than men when they’re doing this?

A – Driving

Almost 9 O’clock Riddle

Q – I’m ready to walk when I’m all tied up, but really should stop when I’m all tied. What am I?

A – Shoes

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