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Friday, December 14th

On today’s show, the crew recaps the amazing Intern Pizza Party at USA Hockey Arena.

The funniest man on radio is back with another Phone Jibba. Rick calls a woman name Jessie to report a missing cat but it’s actually a raccoon.

On Deal Breakers, A love triangle involving a Dad dating a young girl named Sarah reveals she used to date women. One of them happens to be his daughter Cee. Should this a Deal Breaker?

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Monday, December 17th

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Blaine’s Brain Buster

Q: 13% of us love to do this Christmas activity and 16% of us hate to do this?

A: Gift wrap presents.

            Almost 9 O’clock Riddle

Q: What would an apple in a Christmas tree get if they had a baby?

A: Pineapple

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