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Wednesday, April 24th

On today’s show, the crew talked about seeing Avengers: Endgame yesterday.

On today’s Phone Jibba, Rick calls a landscaping place to try and get them to fix up his neighbor’s lawn without his knowledge or consent.

On today’s Deal Breakers, Becky is very passionate about recycling and saving the planet. She’s calling because she’s been with Joe for a couple years now, and he’s been lying to her about his recycling habits. She’s caught him multiple times deliberating throwing something away instead of recycling it. Why is Joe acting like this? He promised he would do this Becky, and he’s been lying to her. Will this be a Deal Breaker? 

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Thursday, April 25th

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Blaine’s Brain Buster

Q: 45% of millennials always end up doing what when they are working on a do-it-yourself project?

A: Ask their dad for help

Almost 9 O’clock Riddle

Q: 3 men are on a boat. The boat sinks, but only 2 of them get their hair wet. Why?

A: The third man is bald.

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